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Beautiful and Powerful Little Dandelions

Updated: Apr 5, 2022

The sun is shining, the days are longer, and we just had the Spring Equinox. Do you know what this means? It means before we know it the dandelions will be popping up everywhere! Like beautiful burst of yellow sunshine peppering lawns all over. This makes me so happy!

Dandelions are often accused of being a dreadful weed, when they really are one of the most beneficial wildflowers we have. They aide to the natural hum of the spring season. Dandelions are one of the first foods hungry bees coming out of hibernation look for to start pollenating. Dandelions have pollen and nectar for bees and other insects.

Today, many people are eager to mow down, or kill off these beautiful flowers. This wasn’t always the case you may be surprised to learn. Dandelions have been around and nourishing people since the beginning of time. At one time, people cleared space on their lawns for dandelions to grow because they were that sort after!

Boy, how times have changed! Did you know the whole plant is edible? Yup, the WHOLE plant; the roots, leaves, and blossom. This wildflower is known to help with digestion, detox the liver, and studies have been done on this powerful, little flower’s ability to fight cancer. I am telling you…. It is a powerhouse!

I use dandelions topically for the powerful healing properties it possesses. I use the blossoms to infuse oils to make different products. One item I make is Dandelion Infused Salves. These are excellent for a host of skin ailments like cuts, scraps, sun burns, bug bites, burns, blemishes, and even sore muscles! I keep finding new uses for my Dandelion Infused Salve. This is really a spring and summer must have item for your outdoor bag.

Be sure to order these as soon as they are available, I can only make them while the dandelion flowers are blossoming and then they are gone just like the dandelions, until the next spring!

Dandelion Salves will be available soon!

For now, check out the other great infused salves The Bath Witch has; cayenne pepper (pain relief), Tension & Stress, calendula & lavender healing salves, & Vapor Rubs witch menthol crystals (decongestion/allergies).

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