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Finding Ways to Cope with Your Grief

Finding Ways to Cope With Your Grief

The loss of a loved one can be the most difficult challenge you face in this life. The hurt you’re feeling can make it seem like it can never get better, and in a way, things have changed forever. There are small strategies that can help you better cope with the pain you’re going through.

Don’t Neglect Those Closest to You

Sharing your feelings with your loved ones is a great way to unburden yourself. Spend time with the people that matter, and try to avoid being alone. Your friends and loved ones may not know how to act around you, so let them know you expect them to listen and be there for you. Having someone close to sit in silence can make all the difference.

Give Yourself Time

There's no set timeline on how long to grieve. It's different for each person. Be patient and kind to yourself. Sometimes you may need to simply hide under a blanket and cry. That’s okay. Don’t push yourself to get over your grief too fast, and try not to take on too much work. You may have higher expectations of yourself than those around you, so treat yourself as you would a good friend who's going through a hard time.

Slowly Start Some Healthy Habits

  • Meditate. Meditation practices can help the healing process. Meditating can help you find compassion for yourself and improve your sleep.

  • Get outside. Try implementing a daily walking routine, even if it’s just for a few minutes. This can help improve your mood and lower your stress levels. Even better, try going on a walk with a friend to help ease feelings of loneliness.

  • Take up a hobby. Taking up a creative outlet can help you better cope with your loss. Try drawing, DIY projects, or writing in a journal.

  • Start a new project. One way to get your mind off your loss is to start a new business venture. Maybe you’re a talented artist and have always wanted to share your art with the world. You can sell your homemade goods in online stores, such as Etsy. Once your business gets off the ground, consider registering as an LLC to take advantage of perks, such as limited personal liability and less paperwork.

  • Start self- care Visit The Bath Witch for natural handcrafted soaps, and body care products!

Consider Adopting a New Best Friend

A pet can help stabilize you through the intense feelings you’re having. It gives you the chance to think about something other than yourself and just enough responsibility to help reduce your stress levels. Your new pet can act as emotional support and help ease the feelings of isolation and grief.

There Is No Wrong Way to Grieve

Going through bereavement is difficult. Be gentle to yourself when finding ways of coping. Some tips may work, while others may not be helpful. What you’re feeling is unique, and there's no time limit on how long you can grieve.

Image via Pexels

Written By Camille Johnson, guest writer

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