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Bath Witch

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Did you know that anything you put on your skin enters your bloodstream within 26 seconds?


While many leading commercial products use ingredients like sulfates, parabens, and anti-freeze in their products, The Bath Witch makes it her priority to use natural and organic ingredients. Infusing her products with herbs and botanicals allows The Bath Witch to NEVER uses synthetic dyes or fragrances. Any color you see in her products is achieved with clay, botanicals, or even spices! Essential oils are the only thing she uses for scenting, which also gives her products an added layer of a magnificent scent!  


Whether it's products for your face, your hair, your feet, or in your bath.. The Bath Witch has figured out how to connect all natural with effective, making a big impact in the world of bath & body.

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Who is The Bath Witch?

Hello! I want to take a minute to introduce myself, and my product line. My name is Diane and I am The Bath Witch. I am blessed to be a mother to 3 young girls and married to the most supportive husband, who has helped me bring my concept to reality.  

I have created a natural, infused, and organic bath and body line that is AFFORDABLE!

The Most Common Question People Ask Me: “How did I begin making bath and body products?”

I was faced with personal health issues (autoimmune), and also lost my Mother to Pancreatic Cancer. This caused me to become very aware of what I was putting IN and ON my body.

What I learned was:

  • Many leading commercial products use ingredients like sulfates, parabens, and yes, even anti-freeze in their products.

  • Many products also use multi-layer preservative systems to extend the shelf life of products forever!.

  • One terrifying fact I learned in my research was that anything you put on your skin enters your bloodstream within 26 seconds. YUCK! I

Needless to say, I wanted to get rid of toxins in my body, and my home. I started playing around with some DIY recipes (out of necessity really, as I quickly learned that most natural products are expensive!) for my own family’s personal use. 

As it happens, I also have 4 sisters. Having 4 sisters and 3

daughters........ I know A LOT of women! The word spread quickly as to what I was making, and one thing lead to another, and now here I am, The Bath Witch.

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My Products


I have finalized some great formulas and created products that really work great on your skin. My products are all natural, using eight ingredients or less when possible. That alone, improves your skins overall feel.


It is important to me to take the time to infuse my products with herbs, and botanicals, and to use only high quality or organic ingredients. The Bath Witch NEVER uses synthetic dyes or fragrances. Any color you see in my products is achieved with clay, botanicals,  or spices!   


The only ingredient I use for scenting is essential oils,  which also gives my products an added layer of benefits. My lotions are never greasy. I only use a single-layer preservative system, and only in the products that need it (lotions/scrubs, etc). The preservative I use is paraben, formaldehyde, and sulfate-free.  And, I never use anti-freeze! My soaps are made with pure SFIC castile soap base; which contains no animal fats or oils. 


I really believe natural is better, therefore I work really hard to keep my prices reasonable…..I believe EVERYONE should be able to afford “NATURAL” because it IS better for your overall health.

Please take a minute to look around my shop, and feel free to use my contact page to ask me questions. I will personally answer you within 24-48 hours.


Why Choose My Products?

Locally handcrafted in Coventry, Rhode Island.

What makes The Bath Witch magic for your skin?

  • The Bath Witch's products are handcrafted and packaged by The Bath Witch.

  •  Products are generally made with 8 ingredients or less when possible.

  • No Synthetic Dyes

  • No synthetic fragrances

  • NO Sulfates

  • NO animal fats or oils

  • NO formaldehyde

  • NO Silicone

  • NO parabens

  • YES organic & quality ingredients

  • YES therapeutic grade essential oils.

  • YES made in small batches by hand

  • YES hand-packaged


Tips for going all-natural:

  •  Keep container air-tight.

  •  Do not let water or dirt in the container.

  •  Use a clean spoon or fingers to apply.


Like what you see?


Bath Witch

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