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Look what People are saying about The Bath Witch!

II have senstive skin and am on a budget.  The charcoal soap is one of my favorites. It cleans with no residue, and leaves my skin so soft.  All the soaps smell so good.  The White Magic Face was with organic rice water and the Pure Magic face cream are two of my favorites.  A little bit goes a long way, so it lasts.  Can't wait to try the Red clover night cream.  I've never had an allergic reaction to any of these product, they're affordable, and the service is awesome.  I highly recommend The Bath Witch.

Kim Sohlman 2/10/2021

I love your Lotions! I use them daily to keep my skin hydrated but not oily! I have sensitive skin that often reacts badly to lotions and I can use yours and not have an issue! Plus I LOVE the way they smell!!!! :D


I met Rhode Island's own Bath Witch, Diane, when she brought her amazing products to APW2019 in Newport.  She makes clean, natural products without synthetic dyes and fragrances or harmful additives. Diane is also creative- check out her shower steamers and her intention witch balls!  

Kat Quina  2/10/2021

Received your rosemary infused witch hazel!! Absolutely love it. The smell is so incredible. I adore the feeling in my face. Thank you for an awesome product.


I love these products! I'm obsessed with the cafe mocha lip balm! The soaps are heavenly and I just started using the Green Tea Face Wash... i love it. shipping was super fast too. thanks!


Satisfied customer

I received a bar of Patcholi/Rose soap- feels so great while taking a bath, luxurious and moisturizing- great soap just love it


Thanks for the beautiful Holiday wrapping on my last order, I love that its ALL done.


A couple of nights ago as I was heading to bed I was complaining about my lips being chapped and stinging. My Husband replied his has been fine since he started using the Chapstick I gave him. I said what Chapstick and he showed me the tube of your Chapstick. Ahhhh I had forgotten about that. Used it that night and my lips felt better already the next morning. I've been using it two days and my chapped lips are almost gone. Good stuff!!!


Thank you, The Bath Witch! Love that Green Tea infused face wash!!!


I love everything! Never disappointed! I just received the make up remover wipes! The best! And love the moisture stick! My skin shines! Wow! Addicted!!!


I purchased the Coconut Body Lotion, Coconut Lip Scrub & a Thyme Body Scrub. All of these products are perfect to counteract summer climate conditions that negatively affect the skin! My body scrub is getting rid of "chicken skin" on my arms & legs. The Lip Scrub is smoothing out my lips so I can show off bright summer lipstick, while the lotions are so completely moisturizing! I can't wait to give my mother her Bath Witch birthday presents because I know that she will love them too!

Principessa Leah

I wanted to tell you something about your dandelion salve. I had some dry skin on each side of my nose, thought it could be eczema, dermatologist said probably dry skin. I put your salve on it for 2 nights and it went away after pestering me for a couple of weeks. It just came back, I tried it on there again, and....Wah-la, it's gone again. Good stuff.


The products that I have tried so far has worked. My skin feels silky and smooth.


Awesome lotion!! Thank you Bath Witch


I recently won a bar of soap and I just love it! It leaves my skin soft and fresh and the scent is wonderful. Thank you!


Love the bath witch. I use all her products and love them all and Diane is awesome. you gotta try her products xo


Satisfied customer

I got a cold sore, took my prescription right when I noticed it pop up, but it didn't touch it. Still got bigger and bigger despite the prescription. I was bummed b/c cold sores usually last at least 10 days for me. On day two I decided to put some of your dandelion salves on it and see if it helped. I cannot believe how well it's working. I'm on day four and it looks like I am on day 8, and the cold sore doesn't hurt as it should on day four. It feels like it's gone and it looks like it's almost gone instead of just started. I can't believe all the uses of dandelion salve. Anyone who gets cold sores, the dandelion salve is your new best friend.


Dandelion Salve

Love love your products !! My favorite is the face wash. I am running low so I will be ordering soon. My face always feels so refreshed after using your product! The bar soaps are also very nice! Thanks, Bath Witch :)


Satisfied customer

Great products! I love the cocoa powder soaps! They smell amazing. You definitely get your moneys worth!


Received your rosemary-infused witch hazel!! I absolutely love it. The smell is so incredible. I adore the feeling in my face. Thank you for an awesome product


Satisfied customer

"Hello Bath Witch - Love your products so far - My Husband loves your body lotion! His skin was so dry and I swear within 3 uses of the product the problem is gone! I just placed another order with you. Also, the eczema cream is working on my Grandaughter. Nice!"

Satisfied customer

simply put, I love The Bath Witch! I am sensitive to EVERYTHING, but these products are fabulous. I love that there are no synthetics. I am not local, either, but Ms. Witch sends my order promptly!

Leslie Ruzzo

Very Happy Customer

I purchased the facial cleanser and can't believe that after three uses my skin really is brighter and tighter!! I usually buy a product that is way to expensive from the mall but will be stopping that as of now!!! I am also having my two girls ages 6 and 8 start using it rather than soap. Thanks for being my new Bath Witch!!

Carey Dixon

Satisfied Customer

Recently won a bar of soap and I just love it! It leaves my skin soft and fresh and the scent is wonderful. Thank you!


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