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Self Love- What is it?

Updated: Mar 2, 2022


What is it and how do you define it?

It seems everyone, and everywhere you look- someone is tossing this term around these days. Open any number of ads, or articles and you are likely to read about the need to “Give yourself Self- love” Have you stopped to ask yourself what defines self -love? What is it? What does it look like? Most importantly, what does it mean FOR YOU?

To me, the first step in practicing self –love can be defined as any act that you put yourself first. Why is this important? Let’s be honest, a lot of people, especially women, put themselves near or at the bottom of the priority list. This is no accident, we do it consciously.

We like taking care of others, we feel good being that person for our friends and family. Where this turns into a problem is when we lose that balance of doing for others and doing for ourselves. If we NEVER take care of ourselves, never DO for ourselves, we can get to a place where we can start to resent the very people we LOVE helping. Twisted! I know.

How can you put yourself first?

Putting yourself fist and practicing self-love can be as small as saying “NO”.

Think about it, how many times do you say “yes” to something you wish you hadn’t?


Hosting that brunch for your in laws, when you have had a crazy week with your kids? Volunteering yourself to help with a project? Lending an ear to that friend who always needs an ear? You know what I’m talking about….we all do it.

You want to be there for these people, but too often it is not on your terms, and it puts you out. That is where the problem can start.

If that is the case, say NO. With no explanation.

You can still do these acts; but you must do it on your schedule. When it works for you. It doesn’t feel good when you are doing something for someone, and you know you have a bazillion other things you NEED to be doing. You can feel forced.

So don’t do it. Put you FIRST

Putting yourself first and practicing self-love can be as small as taking time for YOU.

Try staying in bed on a Sunday morning.

Put all that guilt and busy-ness out of your head…. forget the laundry, let the kids be bored, meet your friends for an afternoon hike rather than that early morning breakfast. Take that extra hour or so to just lie there, clearing your head. Try a morning meditation. This is a great way to get in tune with your inner self and discover what YOU need and want.

Putting yourself first and practicing self-love can be buying that something special that makes you feel good about YOU.

If you have the means, but generally don’t buy that something out of the ordinary, that something special just for YOU because you usually can’t justify it, Start justifying it. We all need that something special that makes us feel attractive, and more confident.

Whether it is that luxurious sweater or pair of super cool boots you have been eyeing but keep talking yourself out of; TALK YOURSELF INTO IT once in a while (of course as long as you aren’t skipping your electric bill or something to do it! cackle cackle cackle ).

Maybe it’s that expensive cream, or pretty soap you always look at but put back because you think its impractical. PUT YOU FIRST AND BUY IT. Start treating you and start doing for you sometimes.

Putting yourself first and practicing Self-love can be as BIG as focusing on your own dreams and aspirations.

Do you work to just pay the bills? Do you stay at a job because it is comfortable, and stable…yet provides no inspiration? Have you dreamed of starting your own business? Dreamed of changing careers? Going back to school? DO IT. You deserve it.

What happens when you put you first & Practice Self -love? Making these small changes will change the way you view yourself, and your needs. Ultimately, you will end up being a better version of yourself, and better able to help your friends and family, because you took care of you. You will be back to enjoying helping all of those you love, including you.


How about you start NOW to put you FIRST.

Be your own Valentine this year and start this journey of putting you first by doing the following:

By saying NO at least once this month

Sleep in at least once this month

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