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Handcrafted & Natural skin care Detergent Free Soaps

The Bath Witch uses a detergent free soap base to make all of our soaps.   Most of our soaps are made by manipulating melt and pour soap bases and creating our own unique handcrafted & natural skin care & soaps.  


This type of soap making process has pro’s and con’s when creating soaps.   A con for this soap making process is that the saponification process has already been completed, therefore we are limited to what additives we can use in creating our soaps.    Another con that you may consider is melt and pour soaps need to be wrapped to protect them from humidity.    There are several positives to this soapmaking process as well, and these are some reasons we opt to use this soap making process. Some of the reasons would be that there is a shorter curing time needed for this soap, and we can be more creative with designs when making our soaps so we can use our creativity when creating our designs.


As mentioned, the base we use is Detergent-free .    Detergent -free soap is better for your skin because traditional soaps often contain harsh chemicals and additives like sulfates and parabens that can strip the skin of its natural oils, leading to dryness and irritation.


Detergent free soaps are typically made with natural ingredients such as plant-based oils and essential oils that are gentler and more nourishing for the skin.


These soaps are less likely to cause irritation or dryness and are often better suited for sensitive skin. Additionally, the lack of harsh chemicals in detergent-free soap can help maintain the skin's natural moisture barrier and promote overall skin health.


The Bath Witch strives to offer the highest quality in our products and soaps, with the no harsh chemicals.   We never use synthetic dyes, or synthetic fragrances.     Our products also never contain sulfates, or parabens.   


We use lots of clays and powders in our soaps as they are truly natural colorants, and have skin benefits such as detoxing and exfoliating properties.    Clays and powders are also functional in our soaps as they act as an anchor for our essential oil blends that we use in our soaps -which is one reason our soaps maintain their scents so well compared to other natural soaps.


Discover the difference natural, detergent free soaps can have on your skin by clicking the link below.

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