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SOAP on the ROPE

Now The Bath Witch's bar soap comes on a rope for your convenience in the shower!Not just a novelty, hanging your bar actually helps it last longer, and keeps it from sitting in water.

This bar is goats milk with shea butter scented with lavender, orange and patchouli. Nylon rope that won't be affected by water added for convenience.

This would be a great gift item for the man or woman in your life. Super convenient for the tub if you have children, and is super gentle to use on anyone!

This listing is one 4 .5 -5 oz bar of soap on an 18" nylon rope.

The Bath Witch's bar soaps are made with SFIC soap bases. Pure vegetable based ingredient, or goats milks. Quality, and organic ingredients. This base has a rich lather, and is naturally moisturizing. The Bath Witch adds her healing powers to all her natural bar soaps.

The Bath Witch's products do not have; synthetic dyes, or fragrance oils, no parabens, no formaldehyde, and no sulfates. Most of my products are made with 8 ingredients or less. The Bath Witch uses quality, and organic ingredients.

The Bath Witch-Most products are made with 8 ingredients or less.-No synthetic dyes-No synthetic fragrances-Scented with essential oils, and my infusions.-Colored with natural ingredients- infusions, dried fruit, spices, clays, etc. -No parabens-No sulfates-No formaldehyde -single layer preservative - only in products that require a preservative (lotions and scrubs)-organic ingredients

-Made by hand.-Made by me.-Affordable.

Soap on a rope

  • I don't antisipate you will be returning your product, but sometimes it isn't a great fit and that is OK.   The Bath Witch prides its business on great customer service, please give us the opportunity to make you happy.   If making you happy is offering a refund, we will gladly do that as well.

    Contact The Bath Witch as soon as there is a problem.

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