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Blue Tansy Hydrating Cream:

Blend of Rosehip oil, Cupuacu butter & Blue Tansy essential oil to create a super moisturizing facial cream.

💥Rosehip oil penetrates deeply into skin layers improving look and feel of your skin and improving collagen.

💥Cupuacu Butter is 100x more hydrating then Shea Butter

💥Use as a day cream or night cream depending on your preference

💥 Noticeable improvement to look and feel of skin, fine lines, puffiness

💥Blue Tansy has anti inflammatory properties (reduces puffiness) anti aging properties, and a great choice for sensitive skin.

💥 Doesn’t clog pores

💥 Non-greasy

💥Hydrates & Nourishes Skin


Blue Tansy Hydrating Cream

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