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Celebrate the summer solstice with our Intention Witch Ball!


This enchanting and meaningful decoration is perfect for setting intentions and manifesting your desires during this auspicious time of year.


This ball is not only a decorative piece but also a powerful tool for manifestation and personal growth. By clear intentions and focusing your energy and attention on them, you can harness the transformative and abundant energy of the summer solstice to manifest your desires.

Embrace the magic and beauty of the summer solstice with our Intention Witch Ball, and let it become a symbol of empowerment, manifestation, enchantment in your life.




Summer Solstice Witch Ball/Intention Ball

Calendula- optimistic & full of vitality

Sea salt & pink Himalayan sea salt for protection & self love.

Sea shells for the power of the ocean

citrine carries the power of the sun -it is the stone of light & happiness.


Either Sealed w/ yellow wax, or twine, each has a pretty little sun charm- all are glass ornaments.


Historically, Witch balls were believed to have originated as one of many folk practices involving objects designed to protect the home. Originally they were made of clear glass and hung in cottage windows in England in the 1600 and 1700s to ward off evil spirits and spells.


Witch Balls/Intention balls are very personal to the maker, created with their care & attention to create an item that evokes the energy intended.

Summer Solstice Witch Ball/Intention Ball