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Shower Steamers
Great for those who don't won't the work of a bath but still want a luxury spa experience!

Mix of baking soda, & citric acid scented with essential oils.  Place in the outer most corner of your shower outside the stream, let a little water ont o activate.  Scent will mix with steam to give a great steam shower experience.
Decongestant blend is great for stuffie noses & colds, however would be delightful at any time.  Tesnion & Stress is a great blend to unwind and energize yourself in a relaxing, warm shower.


Each disc will last 1-2 showers depending on the amount of water they come in contact with.

approx. 4 oz $6 each



The Bath Witch
-All products are made with 8 ingredients or less.
-No synthetic dyes
-No synthetic fragrances
-Scented with essential oils, and my infusions.
-Colored with natural ingredients- infusions,   fruit, spices, clays, etc. 
-No parabens
-No sulfates
-No formaldehyde 
-single layer preservative - only in products that require a preservative (lotions and scrubs)
-organic ingredients

-Made by hand.
-Made by me.


  • I don't antisipate you will be returning your product, but sometimes it isn't a great fit and that is OK.   The Bath Witch prides its business on great customer service, please give us the opportunity to make you happy.   If making you happy is offering a refund, we will gladly do that as well.

    Contact The Bath Witch as soon as there is a problem.

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