Self care is so important for our overall health, and part of that is keeping negative energy away from you, and your home.  These Salt bowl kits have everything to get your started.  

Salt is said to clean the air both physically and metaphysically.  Salt draws in moisture, bacteria, energy, and ions.  

I chose a  black bowl; s I like the contrast with the salt.  I also chose naturally evaporated dead sea salt, and added black himaylan sea salt, which has charcoal added to it for added absorbant power.   I added whole cloves and clove essential oil for protective powers.  

Place salt contents in the bowl, and set your bowl anywhere you are called to;  kitchen,  a corner of a room, by the most used door, run your fingers through it to recharge yourself.   Dump outside, or tip into the trash once your feel it needs changing,  and refill when needed.  

Don't let your pets eat it, and never cook with this salt- its collected all that negativity!

Salt Bowl Kit

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