I made these little beauties with water that I charged during Mays full moon, which was also a super moon, and a lunar eclipse! Wowzers!

May’s moon is often called the flower moon as it coincides with the spring flowers blooming and all their glory. This represents a time of abundance, and transformation. A good time to get rid of what you don’t need.

I chose red from a home blessing candle to center around yourself and provide warmth and balance - and red is also associated with the blood moon (lunar eclipse) and with Scorpio which this moon was in. Scorpio moon and red also can provide sensual vibes and deep thoughts.

Roses to represent the flower moon and self love, and good luck.

I added unakite b/c this crystal is associated with the flower moon and just looking at gives you positive vibes with its soft pinks and greens.

Little stars finish it off providing protection.

Ritual Full flower Moon water