This is a great handcrafted body lotion that is infused with ORGANIC coffee.   The organic coffee is infused right into the olive oil before being blended with cocoa butter for a rich, creamy intense body lotion.  Helps tighten skin, also hydrates & softens.  Scented with theraputic grade essential oils to make a nice vanilla bean coffee scent to keep you invigorated all day long.  

Coffee Infused specialty lotion

  • The Bath Witch slowly infuses organic coffee into the olive oil to give the oil the added power of coffee.   Coffee is packed with anti-oxidants and helps tighten skin (think celliulite).  Non greasy and soaks right in the skin leaving it super soft and hydrated with the added cocoa butter.   Smells like a cup of your favorite vanilla bean coffee.

  • I don't antisipate you will be returning your product, but sometimes it isn't a great fit and that is OK.   The Bath Witch pides its business on great customer service, please give us the opportunity to make you happy and if making you happy is offering a refund, we will gladly do that.

    Contact The Bath Witch as soon as there is a problem.