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NEW and IMPROVED healthy hair serum


Healthy hair serum

Need to control that FRIZZ? The Bath Witch has you covered!  

Special blend of oils designed to help strengthen, soften, and control frizz.

put a TINY amount on your hand (like a half pump) rub between palms and dab on hair while damp or dry. Style as usual. Your hair will not be frizzy, and your hair will become more manageable. Pair this with The Bath Witch's hair conditioner for super soft, flexible hair!

Organic oils; avocado, coconut, pumpkin seed oil, and grapeseed oil. Nice, earthy smell from the special blend of essential oils.

This 1 oz pump will last you a LONG TIME; several months.

Best for thick, coarse hair. Thin, fine hair would need only a TEENY amount of this serum.

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