The Bath Witch
All Natural Handmade

Hello! I want to take a minute to introduce myself, and my product line.

My name is Diane and I am The Bath Witch. I am a mother to 3 young girls, and am married to the most supportive husband! I have created a natural, infused, and organic bath and body line that is AFFORDABLE! 

I usually get asked; “How did I begin making bath and body products?” The answer is simple; I personally had some health issues (autoimmune), and also lost my Mother to Pancreatic Cancer. Through this process I had a “wake-up call” and became very aware of what I was putting ON and IN my body. What I learned was; many leading commercial products use ingredients like sulfates, parabans, and anti-freeze in their products. A lot of products also use multi-layer preservative systems to extend the shelf life of products past a year. One terrifying fact I learned in my research was: anything you put on your skin enters your blood stream within 26 seconds. YUCK! I wanted to get rid of toxins in my body, and my home. I started playing around with some DIY recipes (out of necessity really, as I quickly learned that most natural products are expensive!) for my own family’s personal use. 

I also am lucky enough to have 4 sisters. Needless to say, having 4 sisters and 3 daughters……I know A LOT of women! The word spread quickly as to what I was making, and one thing lead to another, and here I am now, The Bath Witch.

I have finalized some great formulas, and created products that really work great on your skin. My products are natural, I take time to infuse my products with herbs, and botanicals, and I  use organic ingredients. The Bath Witch NEVER uses synthetic dyes, or fragrances. Any color you see in my products is achieved with food or spices.   I only use essential oils for scenting which also gives my products an added healing element. My lotions are never greasy. I only use a single-layer preservative system, and only in the products that need it (lotions/scrubs etc). The preservative I use is paraban, formaldehyde, and sulfate free. I never use anti-freeze! My soaps are made with pure SFIC castile soap base; which contains no animal fats or oils. My products are made with 7 ingredients or less. That alone, improves your skins overall feel. I really believe natural is better, therefore I work really hard to keep my prices reasonable…..I want EVERYONE to be able to afford “NATURAL” because it IS better for your overall health.

Please take a minute to look around my shop, and feel free to ask me questions, I usually answer questions within 24 hours.

Yours Truly, Diane aka The Bath Witch

 (Please Note:  Since my products are handmade by me, slight variations in size, color, texture, or consistency may be noticed.  However, the potions are always 100% consistent, and natural)



 Tips for going all natural:

  •  Keep container airtight.
  •  Do not let water or dirt in container.
  • Use a clean spoon or fingers to apply.