The Bath Witch
All Natural Handmade


I am a woman, I love taking baths!

I am a Mom of 3 little girls, I need pampering!  

I started playing around with different recipes to pamper myself, and to use all natural bath products on my little ladies. My friends and family started asking me to make some of my potions and lotions for them.  Then, one thing lead to another, and here I am today, THE BATH WITCH.


I learned the healing potential of the different herbs, spices, and foods from my mother. It was common in our house, growing up, for my mother to give a spoonful of honey for a sore throat, or to break a piece of her aloe plant to soothe a sunburn, cut, or an insect bite. I took this knowledge, and have created bath and body products that will improve the health of your skin, body, and spirit.

Once I started experimenting with my own lotions and soaps, I first noticed a difference in my own skin.  My "normal" tight, dry skin that I could not moisturize enough, was now soft, and supple! I didn't even feel I needed lotion when I got out of the shower anymore! But of course, someone had to test my potions!

Next, I noticed a change in my youngest daughter's skin. She had a pretty persistent case of eczema on the back of her knees.  Within a few weeks, her eczema was GONE, and she no longer complained that lotion "stung" her skin.  And her eczema has never returned.

That's all the "proof" I needed to stay away from traditional store bought products. I have never looked back. I hope you can discover the healing powers of my products too!


(Since my products are handmade by me, slight variations in size, color, texture, or consistency may be noticed.  However, the potions are always 100% consistent, and natural)



 Tips for going all natural:

  •  Keep container airtight.
  •  Do not let water or dirt in container.
  • Use a clean spoon or fingers to apply.