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The Bath Witch

Magic for your skin, naturally! 

All Natural & Handmade

What makes The Bath Witch Magic for your skin?

  • My products are handmade and packaged by me personally.
  • I go straight to nature for my ingredients. I do not use                     ingredients created in a lab.
  • I never use synthetic dyes.
  • I never use synthetic fragrances.
  • I scent with my infusions and pure essential oils. 
  • I achieve color with actual food, spices, or herbs. 
  • I use organic and raw oils, like Shea butter, and cocoa butter.
  • I use cold pressed carrier oils (when I can), to avoid unnecessary       additives.
  • My soaps are made with SFIC castile soap base (soy free). This       is a pure vegetable based soap, no animal fats or oils.
  • I use a high quality, pure liquid castile soap in my liquid face             soaps which  also has no animal fats or oils.
  • My soaps and lotions do not have sulfates.
  • I harvest some of my own herbs,  buy organic fresh when I can,          and order dry herbs from reputable companies on line.  
  • I do  not use unnecessary additives in my products.
  • I do use a preservative in some products that require it.  The             preservative I choose is a broad spectrum preservative. It                 is paraben and formaldehyde free.
  • Most of my products are made with 8 ingredients or less.
  • My products are made in small batches to ensure freshness and       quality.

Tips for going all natural:

  •  Keep container air-tight.
  •  Do not let water or dirt in container.
  • Use a clean spoon or fingers to apply.

Please Note:  Since my products are handmade by me, slight variations in size, & color may be noticed.  However, the ingredients, and formulas are always 100% consistent.


Made with Infusions for added benefits....